Don Staniford is managing director of the Salmon Farm Protest Group, a UK nonprofit that tracks salmon-farm disease and pollution worldwide. In 2002, Staniford won the Andrew Lees Memorial Award at the British Environment and Media Awards in recognition for his work in exposing illegal use of chemicals on Scottish salmon farms. Staniford, who holds a masters degree in environmental ecological sciences from Lancaster University, is the author of “The One That Got Away,” published by Friends of the Earth Scotland, and “The Five Fundamental Flaws of Sea Cage Fish Farming,” a paper presented to the European Parliament. Currently, he is researching a book called “Cancer of the Coast.” In June 2002, Staniford visited Chile to present a paper—“ A Big Fish in a Small Pond: the global environmental and public health threat of sea cage fish farming”—at a conference in Puerto Montt. He recently spoke with EcoAméricas correspondent James Langman from his home in Scotland.