Jailing of activist spurs global campaign


Ubalda Cortés says she and her husband were selling clothes in Pizotla, a remote hamlet in the Pacific Coast state of Guerrero, when the soldiers came. It was May 2, and according to Cortés, personnel from the Mexican Army’s 40th Infantry Battalion entered the village and began firing. She says that when the shooting stopped, troops had taken custody of her husband, Rodolfo Montiel, and a friend of theirs. Another man, Salomé Ortíz, lay dead on the ground. Today, Montiel is in jail in Iguala, Guerrero, awaiting trial on weapons and drug charges along with his friend, Teodoro Cabrera. Mexican officials have said he’s suspected of belonging to a guerrilla group called the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR). Cortés, along with international human rights and environmental... [Log in to read more]

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