U.S., Mexico near accord on handling of cross-border pollution concerns


For a decade, U.S. environmentalists have pressed their government to ensure Mexico’s coal-fired generating plant in the border state of Coahuila, Carbon II, doesn’t foul the air in Texas’ Big Bend National Park. Mexican citizen groups, meanwhile, have called on their authorities to oppose construction of U.S. toxic and radioactive deposits along the border, such as the recently rejected Sierra Blanca site in Texas. These are just two of many instances in which projects on one side of the U.S.-Mexican border have created environmental concerns on the other—and intense heat for the unfortunate regulators and diplomats caught in between. Dealing with such disputes may become easier, however, under the Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment (TEIA), a tri-national consultation process now being negotiated... [Log in to read more]

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