Fate of restored lakes an issue in siting of airport


It’s no secret why officials here want to build a new, $2.5-billion air hub to replace Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport, an aging, overburdened facility literally engulfed by urban sprawl. But where? Following years of speculation on that question, federal authorities say they are close to giving an answer. Environmental experts, among others, are watching. The government is weighing two possible sites: Texcoco, which lies northeast of the capital and is near the present airport, and Tizayuca, 40 miles north of the capital in the state of Hidalgo. The focus of the greatest environmental concern is Texcoco site. It lies in the vast Texcoco lakebed that hundreds of years ago served as the ancient city’s water basin. Over the centuries more and more... [Log in to read more]

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