In Peru, video spurs critics of pasta factory


Noodles and endangered wetlands are among the latest ingredients in the corruption scandal that has roiled Peru since former president Alberto Fujimori’s surprise resignation last year. After Fujimori fled Peru for Japan in November, investigators began reviewing videotapes secretly recorded by former presidential advisor and intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos during his ten-year tenure as Fujimori’s right-hand man. The so-called “Vladi-videos” have riveted Peruvians by revealing the inner workings of Fujimori’s corruption-riddled regime. Several people are in jail and many others have been on the run since debuting in the tapes. Now environmentalists hope to use a video released last month to oust a powerful Chilean pasta maker from Lima’s only natural reserve. The company in question is Lucchetti, the subject... [Log in to read more]

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