The goal is same—but not the starting point


At Gethal Amazonas, a traditional veneer and plywood producer, hardnosed lumberjacks are beginning to sound like conservationists. Meanwhile, at Precious Woods Amazon, a company founded with sustainable forestry rather than profits in mind, executives now extol the bottom line. Destructive logging practices certainly still abound in the Amazon. And overcutting of forests is by no means the region’s only major threat. (See “Soybeans make inroads in Amazon region”—EcoAméricas, Feb. ’00.) But Gethal and Precious Woods Amazon reflect incipient efforts at different ends of the timber industry to strike a new balance. On one end, profit-minded Gethal began revamping its Amazon operations to hew to strict environmental guidelines. On the other, conservation-conscious Precious Woods Amazon carried out an overhaul of its own, this... [Log in to read more]

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