“RET” new focus in Brazil’s fight over transgenics


On July 4, Greenpeace activists stormed a farm in southeastern São Paulo state where Monsanto had planted an experimental crop of transgenic corn. They spray-painted the six-acre crop red. Then came the dueling press releases. Monsanto accused Greenpeace of trampling on the Brazilian Constitution. Greenpeace, for its part, issued a statement titled: “Monsanto lies.” So went the latest battle over transgenics in Brazil, where cultivation of genetically modified crops thus far is permitted only on an experimental basis. The battles have been numerous—over permit applications, import authorizations, scientific studies and more. This month’s skirmish centered on a license known as RET, the Portuguese acronym for Temporary Experimental Registration. RET licenses are required for planting experimental crops that have been genetically altered to... [Log in to read more]

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