Sarney Filho surprises Brazilian environmentalists


When Brazilian Environment Minister José Sarney Filho took office in early 1999, green advocates dismissed him as yet another product of political nepotism. He certainly doesn’t lack connections. A 44-year-old attorney, Sarney Filho is the son of former president José Sarney. He’s the brother of Roseana Sarney, currently the governor of the northern state of Maranhão. And the conservative political party he belongs to, the PFL, is a member of the three-party governing coalition headed by Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Yet Sarney Filho has done more than polish his résumé in his 30 months as minister. He has surprised environmentalists by weighing in on the green side of several high-profile political battles—most notably, the ongoing struggle in Congress over... [Log in to read more]

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