Yacyretá reservoir plan a costly proposition


Yacyretá, the Argentine-Paraguayan hydroelectric station on the Paraná River, got unwelcome publicity last December when missteps by plant personnel led to the asphyxiation of tens of thousands of fish. The fish kill might be taken as a symbol for long-controversial Yacyretá. Eight years after its inauguration, the $8.5 billion hydropower complex remains mired in problems, not the least of which are environmental. Put into service in 1994, Yacyretá was designed to have a capacity of 3,080 megawatts, with the surface of its reservoir 272 feet (83 meters) above sea level. But the reservoir remains only partially filled; its current height—249 feet (76 meters) above sea level—leaves the 20-turbine hydroelectric facility with a capacity of just 1,700 megawatts. As a result... [Log in to read more]

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