Mexico approves first steps of 'nautical stairway'


Mexico's Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat (Semarnat) this month approved the first environmental-impact statement for the so-called nautical stairway, a five-state tourism project targeting northern Mexico's Pacific coast and the Sea of Cortez. The project, a series of 27 marinas fringing the entire Baja California peninsula and the far side of the Sea of Cortez, was conceived to spur tourism and create jobs. (See "Baja targeted for ports, marinas and more"—EcoAméricas, April '01.) Although Semarnat imposed numerous conditions, the project, proposed over two years ago by Mexico's state-run National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur), may now proceed unhindered with its first and largest step—the construction or remodeling of 16 marinas. The newly approved impact statement allows for the docking... [Log in to read more]

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