Watchdog questions Petrobras pipeline plan


Petrobras, Brazil’s state oil company, has had a rough time securing approval for a US$250 million, 330-mile (530-km) natural-gas pipeline it plans for the western Amazon, dogged by concerns the project would spur colonization of the rainforest. In October, the Amazonas state branch of the public prosecutor’s office—a federal watchdog agency—branded the company’s environmental-impact statement “inadequate” and told Petrobras to respond to a detailed list of questions. And in December, the prosecutor’s office rejected the oil company’s response, vowing to challenge the pipeline project in court if Petrobras failed to provide adequate answers. It has given Petrobras until early March to comply. “Petrobras, rather than provide our office with explanations of how it would discourage colonization of the... [Log in to read more]

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