Impacts of gas project at issue in Peru


As Peru’s controversial Camisea gas project advances, environmentalists continue to warn of problems at both ends of the pipeline route, which will stretch from the country’s southeastern Amazon jungle to the Pacific Coast. The Camisea gas field is located near the lower Urubamba River in the department of Cusco, an area considered one of the world’s biodiversity "hotspots." Twin pipelines—a 444-mile (714-km) natural gas line and a 335-mile (540-km) pipe for liquid concentrates—will stretch through the jungle and across the Andes to the southern port of Pisco on Paracas Bay. There, one line will branch north toward Lima, while the other will feed a fractionation plant in the buffer zone bordering the Paracas Nature Reserve, which is a Ramsar... [Log in to read more]

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