U.S.-Colombian venture set to tap carbon market

Climate change

A U.S. energy brokerage and a Colombian consultancy have teamed up in a groundbreaking alliance to sell greenhouse-gas reduction credits from at least 20 Latin American projects after the Kyoto Protocol takes effect, as expected, later this year. The Wall Street firm Natsource and the Bogotá-based Andean Center for Economics in the Environment (Caema) plan to tap a global market for greenhouse-gas credits that by some estimates could reach $100 billion annually. “This has real potential to connect quality projects with key purchasers in the marketplace and increase investment opportunities for emissions reductions in the region,” says Tia Nelson, director of the Climate Change Initiative at the U.S.-based Nature Conservancy. “I know of no other alliance of this kind.” The carbon... [Log in to read more]

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