Nicaragua, region boost geothermal power


Hit by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, Nicaragua’s colonial capital of León was forced in 1610 to relocate 19 miles (30 kms) inland from the towering Momotombo Volcano, located on the north shore of Xolotlán Lake. Nearly four centuries later, the same volcanic range that had threatened León with a fiery death is poised to light up the city, only this time in a good way. Polaris Geothermal, a Canadian company that is developing a 66-megawatt geothermal energy plant 3.7 miles (6 kms) from the base of León’s Santa Clara Volcano, claims the US$150 million project will generate enough energy to supply all of León’s 100,000 residents by next year. When the plant reaches full capacity by mid 2007, it is expected to account... [Log in to read more]

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