Has Argentina bet too heavily on soy?


Gustavo Grobocopatel ranks himself among the world’s top farmers. His family-owned operation, called Los Grobo, generates US$70 million in annual sales from crops it grows on 180,000 acres (73,000 has) of Argentina’s richly fertile pampas. The key, he says, is soy. Los Grobo, located in the Buenos Aires province community of Carlos Casares, devotes 40% of its acreage to soybean cultivation—up from 10% just a decade ago. Such has been the success of the move that Grobocopatel often is referred to here as “the king of soy.” He is by no means alone. Many Argentine farmers have turned to soy, eager to tap strong international demand and high prices for soy. The Argentine government says this country’s soy exports reached US$7.1... [Log in to read more]

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