Guan, spectacled bear get a hand in Peru


In the Chiclayo market, amid stalls hung with dried greens and flowers, vendors hawk herbs, potions and powders for any ailment. This is a place for armchair trophy hunters to browse, too. In a dark corner of one stall a stuffed condor dangles. The vendor also offers dried bear paws, claiming they have curative powers. Across the aisle, another seller proffers the skin of an ocelot (Leopardus pardalis). And the vendor has a bigger trophy—a spectacled bear hide displayed on a phone pole behind his stall, though it came from an endangered species. Seventy dollars, he says in a tone suggesting he’s willing to bargain. The half-clandestine trade in bear hides, paws and penises (sometimes exported to Asia as an aphrodisiac) help explain... [Log in to read more]

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