Brazilian energy plans aren’t on same page


Brazil has unveiled a pair of national energy plans that point in starkly different directions, reflecting the divergent priorities of the two ministries that drafted them. One, the National Climate Change Plan (PNMC), was issued by the Environment Ministry after consultation with 12 other ministries. It calls for boosting non-hydroelectric, renewable energy substantially by 2030. The plan was a hit when it was presented in December at the UN climate talks in Poznan, Poland. That’s largely because it also set unprecedented targets for reducing the pace of deforestation, principally in the Amazon—the source of 75% of Brazil’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. (See “Brazil finally quantifies Amazon-preservation goals”—EcoAméricas, Dec. 2008). But another plan was released in December, this one by Brazil’s Mines... [Log in to read more]

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