Green groups say Chávez rhetoric belies record


Last December, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez made clear whom he held responsible for devastating rains and flooding that killed 32 people and left 70,000 homeless in the country during the last months of 2010. “The developed nations irresponsibly shatter the environmental order,” he wrote in his weekly “The Lines of Chávez” column, which appears in 28 newspapers nationwide. “The environmental imbalance capitalism has caused is without doubt the fundamental cause of the alarming atmospheric phenomenon.” The fusillade from Chávez, who says he is running for a third term in 2012 despite undergoing cancer surgery in June and chemotherapy since, underscored Venezuela’s stance at the 2009 United Nations climate summit. There, Venezuela rejected the Copenhagen Agreement for allegedly being too easy on developed nations. Last March... [Log in to read more]

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