Industrial sites big health threat, report says


Worldwide, some 125 million people are at risk of health problems from pollution at industrial sites, and about 26 million of them live in Latin America, according to the U.S.-based Blacksmith Institute. In a report released in late October, the Blacksmith Institute and the Geneva-based Green Cross Switzerland estimate the burden of disease in 49 low- to middle-income countries due to exposure to pollution from 10 principal industrial sources—lead-acid battery recycling, lead smelting, mining and ore processing, tanneries, industrial and municipal waste dumps, industrial parks, artisanal gold mining, product manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and the dye industry. About 20% of the sites were in Latin America, according to Bret Ericson, program director for the Blacksmith Institute’s Global Toxic Site Identification Program... [Log in to read more]

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