Pressure is building on Upper Bay of Panama


Every autumn, up to two million shorebirds from Canada and the United States descend onto the mudflats and mangroves of Upper Bay of Panama. The birds, representing some 36 species, come to this area of saline woodlands with soaring 130-feet-high (40-meter) trees just outside Panama City to dine on crabs, shrimp, mollusks and other coastal delicacies. They throng there to winter or to restore energy-bearing fat before renewing their journey to South America. But migratory birds aren’t the only ones attracted to the region. In recent years, developers from Panama City, capital of Central America’s most rapidly growing economy, have invested huge sums in industrial parks, malls, hotels, golf courses and residential projects in Upper Bay of Panama. Now whimbrels, sandpipers... [Log in to read more]

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