Brazil offers water-management incentive


Brazil’s federal water-policy body, the National Water Agency (ANA), has launched a R$100 million (US$50 million), five-year program aimed at spurring states to improve management of their rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Under the program, called “Progestão,” or pro-management, the agency since March has offered any Brazilian state that takes part R$3.7 million (US$1.85 million) in five annual, R$740,000 (US$370,000) payments on one condition. The condition is that the states meet specific annual water-management targets to be set by existing multi-stakeholder water councils in each state. “Brazil’s states, some of which don’t even have water-resource management plans, need to better administer those resources, but don’t always have the money to do so,” says Paulo... [Log in to read more]

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