Petrobras ordered to pay big indemnity award


In one of the largest indemnity awards ever issued for environmental damages in Brazil, a federal judge in the southern state of Paraná has ordered the state oil company Petrobras to pay R$610.7 million (US$260 million) for polluting two rivers when it spilled one million gallons (4 million liters) of crude from a refinery pipeline in July 2000. A combination of human error and equipment problems caused the refinery pipeline to rupture and crude to contaminate the nearby Barigui River as well as the Iguaçu, a major river in southern Brazil. (See “Petrobras speeds safety plans after second spill”—EcoAméricas, Aug. ’00.) But the 74.5-mile (120-kilometer) slick was contained before reaching the famed Iguaçu Falls farther downstream. Petrobras paid a R... [Log in to read more]

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