Special grant made in Brazil to fight deforestation


Brazil’s Development Bank (BNDES) this month agreed to give Ibama, the cash-strapped enforcement arm of the Environment Ministry, R$56.3 million (US$16.6 million) to combat rising deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, only the second time it has ever done so. The grant will come from Brazil’s BNDES-managed Amazon Fund, which has collected US$1 billion in donations, mainly from Norway and Germany, and distributed $600 million of that since it was created by presidential decree in 2008. The donations have mainly been for public and private forest conservation, reforesting of degraded areas and promotion of sustainable development. Norway and Germany have pledged to make further Amazon Fund contributions of US$600 million and 100 million Euros (US$113 million), respectively, by 2020... [Log in to read more]

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