Venezuelan mining push targets Orinoco region


It is home to numerous forest preserves, the majority of the nation’s indigenous groups and some 1,200 species of birds. But the 43,183 square-mile (111,844 sq-km) region south of the Orinoco River nevertheless is being targeted by the Venezuelan government as a source of gold, diamonds, coltan and other minerals to help offset one of the country’s worst-ever economic crises. The government touted the special mining zone, the Orinoco Mining Arc, as a major advance for the country when it made the designation by presidential decree in February 2016. It estimates mineral reserves worth US$2 trillion in the area, which spans parts of the states of Amazonas, Delta Amacuro and Bolívar. “Investors have openly decided to bring their technology, their knowledge of the mining industry and the resources to get the projects up and running,” said Roberto Mirabal, the Minister of Ecological Mining Development, in an... [Log in to read more]

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