Biogas and biomethane projects multiply in Brazil


Looking to produce biogas for electric-power generation and biomethane to fuel car and truck fleets, Brazilian companies have begun fermenting and biodegrading everything from sugarcane-ethanol refinery waste to sewage sludge and chicken feces. GEO Energética, a renewable-energy research and development firm, invested US$15 million in 2012 to build Brazil’s only industrial-scale biogas production plant other than facilities that capture methane from landfills. The plant, in the southern state of Paraná, biodegrades two waste products from a local cane-ethanol refinery—sugarcane straw and vinhoto, a liquid byproduct of the ethanol distillation process—to make 14 million cubic meters of biogas annually. The biogas is used to fuel a four-megawatt power station that GEO Energética operates, selling the electricity to... [Log in to read more]

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