China’s rights record in region denounced in U.N.

Human Rights

Sergio Nahuelquir at hearing of U.N. Human Rights Council. (Photo by Juliana Pesqueira/CICDHA)

Sergio Nahuelquir is spokesperson of Fem Mapu, one of 14 Mapuche and Tehuelche indigenous communities in Argentina’s southern province of Santa Cruz. On Oct. 11 he appeared before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland to complain that Chinese companies behind two large dams being built on Argentina’s Santa Cruz River have not consulted local communities on the projects. “On the land they will flood there is archeological material that belongs to our ancestors,” Nahuelquir told EcoAméricas after returning from Geneva. “They are affecting our culture and our natural surroundings to build dams of such power that they won’t even produce energy for Santa Cruz province but, rather, for other parts of the country.” Nahuelquir was among 11 indigenous and civil-society representatives... [Log in to read more]

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