Regional environmental-rights treaty text agreed


Negotiators adopted final text for the environmental-rights treaty at a meeting in San José, Costa Rica (Photo by Eclac)

When the UN General Assembly convenes this September in New York for its 73rd session, Latin American and Caribbean leaders will have the opportunity to sign the region’s first-ever treaty on public access to information, decision-making and court proceedings in environmental matters. Text for the binding accord, adopted March 4 in San José, Costa Rica by six civil-society representatives and government negotiators from 24 nations, aims to curb the often-violent conflict in the region over natural-resource extraction and infrastructure development. Negotiators say it represents a powerful means for citizens to obtain environmental information on proposed development projects in a timely way, and to use that information to weigh in early on government and judicial review of such plans. Yet they... [Log in to read more]

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