Second chance for Chilean mine and port project


The site, in the Coquimbo Region, where Chilean company Andes Iron wants to establish an iron ore and copper-mine, investing U$ 2.5 billion. (Photo courtesy of Andes Iron SpA)

In August 2017, then-President Michelle Bachelet of Chile sided with opponents of a mining and related port-construction project in the northern Coquimbo Region that was slated to attract US$2.5 billion in investment and create 10,000 jobs. The move put Bachelet out on a political limb, given that her Cabinet decision-making body’s rejection of the project, known as Dominga, came in a bitterly contested vote of three to two, with one abstention. A government crisis ensued, with Finance Minister Rodrigo Valdés resigning and saying: “I note that some don’t have [economic] growth among their highest priorities. That makes our work harder.” Bachelet stood firm, issuing this retort: “There are people who believe that if one cares for the environment, the economy will... [Log in to read more]

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