Bukele criticized for lack of green-policy action

El Salvador

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele (Photo courtesy of Salvadoran Government)

In the campaign that propelled him to the presidency of El Salvador seven months ago, political outsider Nayib Bukele understandably focused immediately on his country’s grinding economic stagnation and lawlessness. But his platform included some environmental planks as well, among them the promotion of reforestation and species conservation. Thus far, however, the Bukele administration’s environmental approach has reflected that of earlier governments, one characterized by a general lack of on-the-ground initiatives aimed at curbing ongoing natural-resource destruction in this tiny country of 6.4 million people. “If one had to describe the environmental record of President Bukele in one word it would be neglectful,” says Luis González, spokesperson for the National Committee against Metals Mining, an umbrella group of 10 Salvadoran environmental groups opposing large-scale mining projects. Many advocates warn against putting natural-resource protection on the back burner. They note that challenges such as the conservation... [Log in to read more]

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