Peru tightens monitoring to stanch illegal logging


Peruvian officials believe that by curbing illegal logging and ensuring responsible forest management, their country can produce more timber while preserving woodlands. (Photo by Osinfor)

Peruvian authorities hope this year marks a sea change in the country’s long-running struggle to curb illegal logging. To that end, the government is implementing a series of steps to improve forestry-sector oversight and transparency, drawing on a wide range of policies and regulatory tools developed over the years. In March, Peruvian authorities unveiled a new monitoring methodology. Developed with help from the U.S. government and the United Nations, it relies on a system of timber-transport permits rather than on traditional spot checks, interviews and data reviews. Officials argue that by curbing illegal logging and ensuring all cutting occurs under approved timber-management plans, Peru would secure the long-term health of its woodlands and, in the process, maintain the carbon-storage capacity needed to meet its climate-protection targets. At the same time, they assert, the country would put itself in a stronger position to attract... [Log in to read more]

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