Boric, Petro request climate emergency guidance


Presidents Gabriel Boric and Gustavo Petro issued a joint call for guidance on climate emergencies as wildfires burned in central Chile. (Images courtesy of NASA)

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights is weighing a request that it provide criteria for the region’s nations to use in addressing climate emergencies, particularly regarding vulnerable populations facing increased drought, fires, flooding, and erosion. The request for an advisory opinion containing such criteria was made by Chile and Colombia in January, while their presidents—Gabriel Boric and Gustavo Petro, respectively—were meeting in the Chilean capital of Santiago. “An expert opinion by the Court would allow the petitioners, along with the rest of the countries in the region, to rely on guidance in the development of policies and programs … for a better approach to the climate crisis,” read the official request. The two governments called on the rights tribunal to “clarify the scope of state obligations” given the impacts of climate change “on human survival on our planet.” Without committing itself to issuing an advisory opinion, the Inter... [Log in to read more]

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