Calderón nears his land-conservation goal


With five new protected areas declared and an additional biosphere reserve on the way, Mexican President Felipe Calderón is seeking to make conservation history in his country. Not yet halfway through his six-year term, Calderón has almost reached his goal of adding 3 million hectares (7.2 million acres) to Mexico’s protected-areas network. Officials say they expect to reach a total of 5 million hectares (12 million acres) in new reserves by 2012. Already, the 24 million hectares (57 million acres) under conservation are equivalent to 12% of Mexico’s territory. “The idea is not only to decree national protected areas, but to really protect them,” Calderón said on June 5, international Environment Day. Mexico hosted this year’s global celebrations at the Xcaret eco-park... [Log in to read more]

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