Paraguayan soybean producers put Lugo on notice


Rallying to defend new national legislation that would ease restrictions on agrochemicals used in soybean production, thousands of Paraguayan soy farmers this month threatened to block roadways if President Fernando Lugo implements a decree that runs counter to the new law. Héctor Cristaldo, head of the Union of Producers Associations (UGP), one of Paraguay’s leading farm associations, vows soy producers will use farm machinery to obstruct car and truck traffic throughout the country if Lugo undermines the congressionally approved legislation. Says Cristaldo: “Alcohol causes more poisonings than pest-control chemicals.” For his part, Lugo’s agriculture and ranching minister, Enzo Cardozo, appealed for calm. “We need to find a balance between production and the environment,” he told a local radio station here. At issue is a... [Log in to read more]

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