Pushback in Mexico on Monterrey aqueduct


Plans for a 372 kilometer-long (231-mile) aqueduct to bring water to Monterrey, Mexico, have drawn fierce opposition from environmental and citizen groups who reject official arguments that the project is the only way to provide water for the future. Critics say the aqueduct, Monterrey VI, simply is not needed. In a twist on debates in which inefficiency typically is the first accusation thrown at water utilities, conservationists argue the local water agency has been so well-run that growing demand can be met without the Mex$47 billion (US$3 billion) aqueduct. If it is built, Monterrey VI will have the capacity to pump some 5 cubic meters, or 5,000 liters of water (1,320 gallons) a second from the Pánuco River north to... [Log in to read more]

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