Green gains cited as Chile’s Bachelet leaves office


Michelle Bachelet, left, with conservationist Kristine McDivitt during Jan. 29 ceremony marking park-system expansion. (Photo, Alex Ibañez)

In her second term as Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet hit some low points in the opinion polls due to difficulties ranging from a corruption scandal involving her daughter-in-law in 2015 to criticism of the government’s response to horrific wildfires last year. But as she prepares to leave office on March 11, Bachelet finds her popularity rebounding thanks to some notable achievements—not least, environmental advances that have won support at home and accolades abroad. The green gains include dramatic expansion of Chile’s protected lands and marine reserves, a strong shift to renewable energy and—more broadly, but perhaps most important of all—a surge in public awareness of the need for environmental protection. Indeed, in the lead-up to Bachelet’s handover of power... [Log in to read more]

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