Uruguay invasives experts draw bead on bullfrogs


 Lithobates castebeianus (Photo by Gabriel Laufer)

Uruguayan experts looking to boost their country’s ability to control invasive species have set themselves a test—ridding the nation of the North American bullfrog (Lithobates castebeianus). “The country must comply with international agreements on control of invasive species,” says Gabriel Laufer, a biologist with Uruguay’s National Museum of Natural History. “The bullfrog is one of the priorities.” Experts say there are 42 exotic animal species in Uruguay. But because the bullfrog only recently has gained a foothold and is not yet present in overwhelming numbers, scientists are optimistic that if a well planned campaign to remove the amphibian is organized now, it could well succeed. Bullfrog farms were set up in Uruguay in 1987. The goal was to produce marketable meat from the amphibians... [Log in to read more]

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