Frog reintroduction seeks chytrid-fungus answers


Variable harlequin (Photo by Brian Gratwicke)

In 2008, researchers in Panama began an urgent effort to rescue frogs from Chytridiomycosis, a disease causing massive mortality among the country’s 219 species of amphibians. Their solution: an Amphibian Ark that housed and fed endangered species collected from the wild in a modified shipping container until a cure could be found and the animals could be released. (See "In a former shipping container, salvation for frogs" — EcoAméricas, April 2012.) Today, the chytrid fungus that causes the disease still kills frogs in Panama and has contributed to declines in the populations of amphibian species worldwide. But the frogs housed in the air-conditioned and sterilized container by the multi-institutional Amphibian Rescue... [Log in to read more]

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