Whale-watch boom raising hopes in Mexico


In Guerrero, on-water observation of whales is seen as a powerful means of engaging local children in science and ecotourism. (Photo by Whales of Guerrero Research Project)

Arturo Mellin is wagering on whales. Once a year-round fisherman in Mexico’s Pacific coast village of Barra de Potosí, he now ferries up to six tourists at a time in his outboard boat to observe the humpback whales that take up residence in local waters from December to March. “This has been one of the best years, like 2015,” Mellin says of the recently concluded season. “We have a lot of whales. There are many mothers with calves.” Although fishing continues in Barra de Potosí and neighboring coastal communities, Mellin says a two-thirds reduction in the commercial catch in recent years has prompted local fishermen to try their hand at ecotourism, particularly whale watching. Mellin belongs to the Servicios Turísticos Morros de Potosí... [Log in to read more]

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